The questionnaire of “Leftover Women” for Chinese people

"Leftover Women" is a very real phenomenon in China. This is a glass box for women. I have designed some questions about "Leftover Women" for Chinese people in order to find out their perception and attitude for "Leftover Women". There were 211 Chinese people who come from the different group of cities, gender, occupations, and age. Men, 24.9%,  Women72.2% People of all… Continue reading The questionnaire of “Leftover Women” for Chinese people

“Leftover” Women in China

"In 2007, the Women’s Federation defined “leftover” women (sheng nu ) as unmarried women over the age of 27 and China’s Ministry of Education added the term to its official lexicon. " (Fincher, L.H. 2014) "Marriage Market Takeover" of  SK-ll's "Change Destiny " The SK-II 4-minute-video titled "Marriage Market Takeover" that is part of the brand’s worldwide ‘Change… Continue reading “Leftover” Women in China

The HOME of Chinese students in Sheffield

There is a Chinese traditional restaurant in Sheffield city. It is called "Xiang Wei-qing" (湘味情) which means the good tasty from the hometown of the owner. "Xiang"(湘), another name for Hunan Province where is the hometown of this owner. The restaurant serves authentic Hunan dishes for Chinese students study in Sheffield and residents. Once I have a dinner with… Continue reading The HOME of Chinese students in Sheffield

The unique family structure of Mosuo

In China, there is a fantastic place called Lugu Lake where is a legendary pure land surrounded by mountains and located in the North West Yunnan Province. If you want to go Lake Lugu isn’t easy. The inconvenient traffic leads to the isolation from the outside world helped the tribe keep their customs and culture intact. Fortunately, I have been there… Continue reading The unique family structure of Mosuo