Student Accommodation

Chinese students accommodation is completely different British. It is interesting that a small space is shared by 4 or more than students. It looks like there are 4 little boxes into the bigger one.



These 4 bunk beds look like 4 little boxes. Every student has a bunk bed which including a bed on top and a desk under the bed.

The most Chinese student accommodation don’t have any central heating systems. Students usually spend their days in library and only go back to their rooms to sleep.

Chinese student accommodations don’t provide us private showers and bathrooms. We have to share it with our roommates. Even some student accommodation do not provide a bathroom to them.and had to go to another building just to bath.



The difference is that Chinese student accommodation provided by the school. The price is pretty cheap. On the other hand, there are 3 kinds of student accommodations in UK.




  • Studio

This kind of students accommodation has our own private bathroom, bathroom and kitchen. The space is not big, but enough to live here. If we live here is very safe, independent space also avoid a lot of problems for us.



  • En-suit

The most of the students prefer to choose this student accommodation where provide us a private toilet and bathroom to student. A public kitchen, living room area are more convenient to students have a party in our home.




  • Double room en-suit

This kind of en- suit is very suitable for two friends live together, have their own house, sharing the kitchen and bathroom.



  • Reflection

For me, I have a experience of rent a house with other people in different place. It is very important to me have a nice living condition in UK during my this period of MA. An independent and safe living space can avoid a lot of interpersonal relationship, thus it could help me to focus on what I want to do.  That’s main reason why choose studio living in.

On the other hand, even Chinese student accommodation has some problems and inconvenience. Even so, a lot of close friendship comes from roommate, they spend a  lot of time together.

However, when we living in a small space with other people, that life experiences have a lot of interesting stories help me create my illustrations.


References (2014). 样板宿舍大比拼. [online] Available at:


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