Museo per la Memoria di Ustica

I visited a special and hidden museum in Bologna during my Easter holiday. A few visitors come here to visit, even a few people know this museum.

There is a special exhibition in Bologna Italy. It helps us have a in-depth understanding and must not be forgotten of the Ustica Disaster, flying from Bologna to Palermo, exploded and crashed on Ustica sea on 27 June,1980. 

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81 black mirrors which means one for each victim and I can listen to the “Choir” of voice by speakers hidden behind. These are fragments of words be repeated, mum, daddy who were missed by victims at that moment.
81 lights from the ceiling, slowly turn on and off. They seem as a beating heart, as there 81 souls of victims who will still be remembered!

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When it comes to 27th June every year, this museum will provides public a special event on night in order to commemorated this disaster!


  • Reflection

The exhibition use visual, auditory, static and dynamic performance very well the author want to convey information and emotion with the disaster. Aircraft wreckage as fragments of memories is a powerful energy caught the visitor’s heart. In my opinion, this is a success of the exhibition with deep meaningful, energy.

At the same time, it also is a very good display case, and give me some inspiration about my project.




Immagine, O. (2017). Museo per la Memoria di Ustica. [online] Available at:


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