The Tenant in Bologna

This Easter holiday I have been to my friend Ting’s home in Bologna, Italy.  After graduation,  Ting  had worked in Beijing 1 year before going abroad. Ting as a international student  had been living in this country more than 3 years and have 3 times experience of moving house in there.

Therefore, Ting as my interviewee who is the tenant in Bologna.


FullSizeRender 154 copy

(There are plans about Ting’s home where she had lived )

Ting drew some plan about her homes where she had lived in Bejing before went to Italy and Bologna.


Q: Why are you moved house in different city several times?

A:I joined the Turandot plan which is MA art study plan in Italy, but I have to learn a  period of six months language courses in Siena where is another city near by Florence in Italy. At that time, in order to got more opportunities to practice the language, I chose 2 Italians as  my roommates share an apartment.


Q: How did you find your apartment and roommate when you first got here?

A: Some friends who have finished their language courses recommended me some apartments and roommates I can choose.


Q: How to ensure your safety?

A: In fact, We sign the contract with landlord through the rental company.


Q: How are you getting alone with your roommates?

A: Actually, I prefer to live with Italian classmates. I could get more opportunities to practice the language. On the other hand, we have different our life circles belong to us.  Sometime, we went to a party or hang out when we lived together.




I think this apartment will be the last one in Bologna for Ting, because she has already finished her MA course and will come back home at July this year. This apartment has a good location where is so close by transpiration and her university.

There are 3 bedrooms share by 4 Chinese girls which means 2 girl need share a bedroom space and a bed. However, these 2 girls are not a couple, not a good close friend relationship, just a roommate for them. It’s an unthinkable things to me that my private space need be share to a stranger

Even so, Ting told me this is perfectly normal for overseas students cause provide the best price for students.


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