Puppet living in the “Glass Box”

I have been thinking about how to display my conception of home use illustrations in the “Glass Box”.

There are 2 party of my plan to display my illustrations.

  • Some stories about about living a small space and personal boundaries will be displayed in this “Glass Box” by 2 different colour tones.
  • There are some character as puppet who is a doll that you can move/ control. 


FullSizeRender 163


  • Why do I want to use puppets to express the characters?

Under the pressure of public opinion in the community, as my generation look like  puppet who is a doll can be moved/ controlled. It seems to be other way to display people living in this “Glass Box”. Even in the open society we live in today, we are still being limited by many rules.


未标题-1FullSizeRender 154 copy


I believe women will be a very good character in my conception. The puppet has two  sides express as a woman have to playing at least 2 role, work and mother in the life.

It will be an interesting attempt I think.


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