Mapping of Project 2

My project 2 focus on researching living a small space and personal boundaries. The conception of project was inspired by individual life experience of my generation. There are some issues about living a small space and personal boundaries base on different stags in the cycle of life of my generation.

  • Childhood
  • Student
  • Worker
  • Marriage
  • New Parents
  • Life of the Elderly



There are 6 stags which means 6 direction in the cycle of life of my generation. My generation are experiencing different social problems with Chinese characteristics in our 6 stags of life. It seems that “Glass Box” which like our HOME we living inside. On the other hand, “Glass Box” look like the rule of family which allow us somethings we could do, somethings we have to do by it.

Base on these issues of  living a small space and personal boundaries with 6 direction, I will create different story with my illustrations by 2 tones display in different size boxes which means space and personal boundaries.


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