Consider a problem


There was some confusion about the different group of audience and client before my last tutorial. Fortunately, my tutor help me solved this problem and I found a new way to consider the different group of audience and client again.


  • Audience

My conception focus on my generation plays a role of linking, connects past and present. It will be a reflection of education from our parent’s generation. In addition, as my generates, it’s time to be new parents for new generates, I hope my works could be a challenge impact our children, next generation. It could be a good opportunity to broken this “Glass Box“, provide new generates a new life style what they want to do, who they want to be.




  • Client

I believe my client could be our government who has enough power to help us break this “Glass Box“. In addition, there are 6 directions in my project. It can also as advertise by different issues.

“Leftover women” is a sensitive topic in China. This is a good evidence, SK II, the brand of skin care for women could change the destiny of women’s skin, also need to change the destiny of women’s marriage in the society values.


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