Rental Housing in Bologna

I have visited my friend Ting who is a fine art international student study in Bologna where is a famous historical city in Italy more than 3 years during this Easter holiday. We discussed the conception of my project 2, HOME. And we shared our feelings based on our similar life experiences.

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(Photo by Zoe Chen, 2017)

Ting’s hometown is Kunming where is a famous tourist city in China and the capital of Yunnan province in southwestern China. Her hometown is called The Spring City cause it′s never too hot or too cold all the year round.

When Ting was in college, she move to Chongqing in order to go to Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. Ting spent 4 years in Chongqing. After she graduate, Ting went to work in Beijing just 1 year and then choose her study abroad in Italy.

I look back on herself the way, she constantly moving  house in different cities, countries in order to studying, work and dream of life.


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Ting and her three other Chinese friends sharing the Italian apartment where has a good location near by her university and has convenient public transport in Bologna. In addition, the good price is the main reason why these international students prefer to living there. 

There are 2 toilets and a kitchen shared by Ting and her friends. Ting and Yajie come  from the same university in China. These 2 girls have a close friendship in this city and live in the same apartment, share one toilet which is the very private space in the apartment.

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Ting as a fine art student, she pretty like to collect some stuffs come from different city and county during her travel.

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We shared our experiences of renting a house in Beijing and Sheffield or Bologna based on our similar life experiences. Yajie is a sculpturer and Ting’s house mate, she  joined us together to discuss my conception of home. We constantly move from the city to another city, from the country to another country in order to make our dream could come true. Constantly moving and the experience of living abroad alone to make us have some fuzzy conception of HOME.

Renting a house, this may not be real belong to us. It looks like a necessary temporary accommodation for this stage of life. However, Yajie believe that we should establish the concept of HOME by ourselves in our heart which means home is where we live there, we should love there and spend some time to make our home attractive.


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