Home! Buy or Rent?

I don’t know what will happen ten years later, I would like to enjoy my life, enough to relish living in the present.  ” (Yvonne, 2016)

Housing prices in Beijing have risen faster than wages in recent years. Imagine a young couple spend $58,000 redecorating rented house a rented home in Beijing city central. It seems the decision is too risky.


Meng qi runs a small shop in Beijing, his wife Yvonne comes from Taipei who is an interior decorator. This couple, who have a four-year-old son. “If we stretched our budget, we might be able to put a down-payment for an uptown property in Beijing, but we’d not be able to afford decorating it the way we like,” said Yvonne. They wanted to give their son a happy childhood living in a house led to this couple found this Chinese traditional yard, Si he yard where locate in the most traditional street in Beijing, Beside the Guozijian. That’s an wonderful place in Beijing.




As a carrier of the ancient culture of Beijing, the Hutongs will be charming always. This couple choose to be in Hutong as their home  ten years later in which in order their hope son could build new concept of home when he is little.



  • Reflection


(Map of Beijing)

What is home? Sociologist saying home is most social cello.

A normal life in Beijing means time is scarce, stress is high and an ordinary day- filled with chatter and other noise-permits barely a moment for the mind to rest in silence. Even if living in Beijing have a lot of problems, there still attract many people work here in Beijing.There is some extremely common problem for outsiders work in Beijing.

  • Whether settled here?
  • Rent or buy a house?

The urban resident in Beijing said “Forget marriage and having a child, we must have a house. But prices are very high.”

Due to the impact of Chinese traditional values, just as a word said, a man need marriage first and then struggle for career! which means, if you really start your own independent life, at the first, you have to buy a house settle in this city.

With prices rising at that pace, Many Chinese young families don’t have the money to buy a house lead to people prefer to rent a house in central of Beijing in order to  be closer to work. Some people buy a tiny house in suburban of Beijing.



Inews.ifeng.com. (2017). 小夫妻帝都租10年房,竟花40万装修-凤凰新闻. [online] Available at: http://inews.ifeng.com/news_50291371/sharenews.shtml








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