Writing a research question

There are two kinds of definitions to explain HOME in Chinese.

  • House where we live in with family (Space)
  • Family relationship (Personal boundaries)

The first house belongs to my family was called tube-shaped apartment just has 8㎡ when I was a little girl. The tube-shaped apartment is a kind of building with Chinese characteristics in the 70s and 80s. There was only one public kitchen room and the toilet was shared by different families who live in the same floor.

With the development of social economy and the rapid rise in house prices across the country, there are many issues have cropped up in the course of rapid economic development in China. Such as young people have difficulty in buying or renting a house due to oversharing with other people. Based on my own life experience, I start asking some questions around the home own ourselves and personal boundaries.


Consider audience观众

  • Start from my generation

My illustrations have huge audiences I can imagine. Especially, my generation plays a role of linking, connects past and present. 

My illustrations based on the life experience of my generation. They will be a reflection of education from our parent’s generation. in addition, I hope my works could be a challenge impact our children, next generation.

Start asking questions


  • What causes more and more young people live in tight spaces where like a box in major cities and blurred personal boundaries?
  • Why Chinese young people prefer to live in a “glass box” with parents under the pressure of social ?
  • How to find a space be called home where belongs to ourselves and building a clear sense of personal boundaries?

My exploration

  • Initial design concepts


  • Preliminary research
  • Research Question:

    How to use illustration skills to increase awareness of home and building a clear sense of personal boundaries?

  • Aim:

Life is like a cycle. We seem to have been looking for a place where belongs to ourselves. We followed our parents move home. We share students accommodation with classmates when we as a student. Whether we should buy a home or rent after graduation?  We have been looking for the place where is called it HOME at each stage and in each area, of your life.

On the other hand, based on the traditional Chinese family education, our parents prefer to build a well-behaved what teach us how to be a good person. This rule also likes a “glass box” which means a rule from parents.

According to the cycle of life, I will use my illustration skill create a series of stories which based on different issues at each stage and in each area of my generation life. My illustrations in order to increase awareness of home and building a clear sense of personal boundaries under the social pressures.


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