The questionnaire of “Leftover Women” for Chinese people

“Leftover Women” is a very real phenomenon in China. This is a glass box for women. I have designed some questions about “Leftover Women” for Chinese people in order to find out their perception and attitude for “Leftover Women”.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 22.50.13

There were 211 Chinese people who come from the different group of cities, gender, occupations, and age.


Men, 24.9%,  Women72.2%


People of all ages. 
The group of age: 25-30 years old, more than half of all. Second, over 30 years old.


The group of living in cities
The majority cities, 45.5%
The second-tier cities, 44.1%
The lower-tier cities, 10.4%


The marital status
Single, 27% In a relationship, 19% Married, 53.1%


The graph provides some data about people’s attitudes toward marriage.

The most people (85.3%) believe that marriage is based on love, some people(19%) believe respecting for their parents is the reason they made the decision to marry. Some people turning down marriage.


Marriageable age

The mass majority of people(70.6%) believe that marriage age for women at 25-30 years old.


The pressure of “Left Women”

73% of Chinese people believe the pressure came from family. 63.5% of Chinese people think age limit of child-bearing. This point is a general trend in Chinese culture.


This is an interesting question in China, “Would you like to get married in the way of blind date?”

The blind date, who will you date through introduced by your family is a hot topic in China. No matter whether you have been married still busy discuss this topic. On the other hand, Young people don’t like this way to know their future partner. But, according to the chart that nearly half of the people chose the way through to find their other half.


There are different reasons for this phenomenon of “Left Women”.

The most Chinese people believe that woman have continuously enhanced their sense of independence and independent personality. They have begun to dominate their own destiny. 

10 “Leftover Women” in your heart the image is?

There are 39.9% of Chinese people think “Leftover Women” is an independent, positive woman. At the same time, 27.5% think “Leftover Women” is a group of excellence led to them so difficult to find the Mr.right.


  • Reflection

Through my questionnaire, I found that most people think that “Left Women” is a negative word, some excellent women were labeled by social pressure. Some people think the most of “Left Women” unmarried over 27 years old because of they too focused on career. On the other hand, some people think “Left Women” is unappealing women due to they unmarried.


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