The HOME of Chinese students in Sheffield

There is a Chinese traditional restaurant in Sheffield city. It is called “Xiang Wei-qing” (湘味情) which means the good tasty from the hometown of the owner. “Xiang“(湘), another name for Hunan Province where is the hometown of this owner. The restaurant serves authentic Hunan dishes for Chinese students study in Sheffield and residents.

Once I have a dinner with friends in this restaurant, we have a good gossip for a few minutes with the landlady. She told me this house is their restaurant where family work here also is their home living in the top floor of this house.

Our conversation certainly as inspiration for creating my project 2. It linking with my conception of HOME. Then, I invite the owner and his wife as my interviewee to help me improve my project 2.

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(Zoe Chen, 2017)

Mr. Li and Mrs. Li have moved to Sheffield more than 4 years. They have 2 lovely daughters. The youngest daughter was born in this house. The restaurant on the first and second floor, family live on the top floor of the house.

Mr. Li as a chef have been living in the UK for 12 years. This restaurant is the first one own by himself operated here for 4 years in Sheffield. Mr. Li told me he used to work for another restaurant in Nottingham. Now, running him owns restaurant work harder than a lot for others. But he is very happy, because it is establishing his own business, and building their own home, fighting for family.

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There are a lot of children’s toys on the second floor of the restaurant.

Mrs. Li comes from Dalian, she is a forthright, very kind and hospitable women. She told me that they have been rented house for 4 years in order to run this restaurant. This year they are going to buy the house and redecorate it in order to provide a better living environment for the children.


  • Reflection

This interview with the owner of this restaurant which can be an evidence to prove that  Chinese people of traditional values into my project 2. The house with an interesting story, the family of Li working in here, living in here. It looks like a community for them. This house includes the dream of life and the responsibility of love and family. On the other hand, as a traditional people prefer to buy a house to be our home.

In the eyes of many Chinese based on the traditional values, HOME means living in the house where belongs to ourselves with family. Even there is not in their hometown, even they living in the abroad. It seems house could give us a sense of security. HOME make us feel secure. Owning a place in China has recently become a prerequisite for tying the knot.

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This is a busy restaurant in Sheffield. Almost all Chinese students enjoy get dinner here when we get away from our hometown and our parents, we can feel lonely and homesick. “Xiang Wei-qing” looks like The HOME of Chinese students in Sheffield.



One day, we will settle down and have a family.


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