The dream seekers in Beijing

There are million of young people who leave their hometown come to Beijing to work, and struggle, and sacrifice for that better life. Hoping for the common ideals. The city gives them a career and a rental house but does not recognize them as belonging to the city.

Although they have achieved employment, they are still part of the “drift” from the perspective of the separation of the place of employment and the location of the household registration.“(Baidu, 2016) This group is called “North drift” who are the dream seekers in Beijing.

“North drift” seems to be a trend toward which means more and more young people prefer to breaking through traditional boundaries in order to pursue their dreams. Even if the living conditions in Beijing hard a lot than a hometown. Very few people can afford the sky-high rent in CBD Beijing. As a “North drift” have to face expensive house rent and share an apartment with other people who maybe your friends, maybe some strangers. 

There is a rental where living in different people in Beijing.  The three-tier double there are only three bathrooms, early to wash when the residents are often shuttling up and down the use of the toilet.(蚁居天台的‘北漂一族’ , 2013)

00269e9a927f12bf1a1106                        Li Ye, comes from Hebei, living in the rooftop where less than ten square meters for nearly two years
00269e9a927f12bf1a1109                        Tao Ran, junior students, linked to a company in Beijing internship positions.
00269e9a927f12bf1a110a                        They are married for two years.
00269e9a927f12bf1a1108                        Her home is Shandong, a model in Beijing
00269e9a927f12bf1a110c                        The kitchen is public

Sharing apartments in big Chinese cities has become the norm. Landlords and rental agents increasingly prefer to rent more expensive apartments to several tenants at once result young people are squeezing into less and less space.


  • Reflection

I used to work in Beijing for 4 years as a “North drift” sharing apartments with different people. This is a very special experience in my life. Fortunately, I moved house only once during these 4 years in Beijing. This is my last home where I lived here for three years in Beijing. You know that I had to face so many talents and a large amount of expenditure which gave me much pressure when I lived in Beijing.  My Beijing home is my refuge where is the warmest place in the world.  However, it is temporary and doesn’t belong to me.


There was a family of three before I moved here. A master bedroom for parents and a smaller second lie. The second lie toward the north with advocate lie relatively. Landlords and rental agents increasingly prefer to rent more expensive apartments to several tenants at once result change the spatial pattern of this house. The living room change to a new bedroom in order to add a tenant. And then, 2 girls and I rented the house begin our the new life of sharing an apartment.

My roommate in order to make her room becomes more like a warm home, buy new furniture and changed the white walls.


We use a variety of ways to dress up our tiny space where is our home in this city. Even if we don’t know how long we will live here. Even if we know there is doesn’t belong to ourselves. However, there was my home where is the warmest and safe place in Beijing. It gave me enough strength in the dream to fight for myself.


Baidu (2016) 北漂. Available at:
蚁居天台的‘北漂一族’ (2013) Available at:



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