Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

Last night I braved storm  headed for Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre to watch Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. It’s the best theatre production of Sheffield I’ve ever seen. Standing ovation at the end which I’ve never experienced in a theatre.


(Jamie: Drag Queen at 16)


(Jamie: Drag Queen at 16)


“Everybody’s Talking About Jamie” inspired by a 2011 BBC documentary, Jamie: Drag Queen at 16. This documentary recorded a 16 years old boy want to be a drag queen. Drag queen is a male entertainer who tells jokes or sings while dressed as a woman. (Wikipedia, 2017) Through the mother and friends help and encouragement to complete his first show in drag club.  “follows the story of Jamie’s life from dressing up since the age of six, to his ambition to be a professional drag queen and have his own show in Las Vegas.”(BBC, 2011)

From this turn, little Jamie became to a a professional drag queen, Fifi La True. It’s very happy he find the way to accepted for who he is. To become a confident and strong boy in a dress.

(FIFI LA TRUE meets the cast of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie)


(Everybody’s Talking About Jamie)


(Everybody’s Talking About Jamie)


(Everybody’s Talking About Jamie)


(Everybody’s Talking About Jamie)


The musical is based on a true story happened in Sheffield. Jamie come from a single parent family and as a boy who enjoys dressing as a girl. His mother gave him a special mysterious gift, a toweringly tall pair of platform shoes when he was 16 years old. From this,  the idea of Jamie who going to the school prom in a dress and wear high heels which come from his mum’s gift.

It is true that Jamie has to face opposition from the school bully and a conformist teacher, as well as the disdain of his largely absentee father. However,  he has a loyally supportive mum. Jamie overcomes a series of minor obstacles before fulfilling his dream of being accepted for who he is. (Sheffield Theatres, 2017)



(Everybody’s Talking About Jamie)




  • Reflection



This is a fantastic performance and the touching story display on the interesting stage design. From the audience’s view, we can clearly see that the touching story happened in the big box where is Jamie’s home, his school and his stage. I really really love this design. The designer focus on the concept of “square, box” which means the less traditional individual story happened in the traditional RULE. Jamie challenge the traditional view and fight with negative until he find himself who is he really want to be.

The concept of “box” means personality just like a box, there are different surface. In addition,  The Stage likes the society we live there, play a different role, such as student study in school, as a kid live with parent, as a hard worker work for your company.  We need to abide by the rules of the game which means what we can do, that we have to do, that we can’t do. However, Jamie’s bravery break all rules.




The affection between Jamie and his mother is most touching part in this story. It’s true that Jami’s mum likes his fairy god mother help him help him put on Cinderella’s glass heels, realised  his dreams. The love from mum supported him the biggest power to fight. As a mother’s wish is that her boy could be happy and to be himself.

Yes! Exactly! I believe we could find the place where belongs to ourselves!


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