The Conception of Project 2

My conception of project was inspired by a set of my illustration what record a memory when I was a little girl living in a tiny house with my parents. This tiny house as the first HOME is belonged to me and my parents.




My the first home with my parents was called tube-shaped apartment just has 8㎡. The tube-shaped apartment is a kind of building with Chinese characteristics in the 70s and 80s. There was only one public kitchen room and toilet were shared by different families who living in the same floor.

It is this a special life experience help me building up cognition of HOME.


There are two kinds of definitions to explain HOME in Chinese. Home which means the house, the space we living with family. On the other hand, home means family relationship.

My project 2 will research from two aspects, space and social relationships. Home, the house looks like a box where is provided to people living. On the other hand, based on the traditional Chinese family education, our parents built a well-behaved what teach us how to be a good person. This rule also likes a box. I mean, parents stipulate their own children who should do that on the stage in their life, such as a Chinese young person had to work immediately after graduation, and then, get married with your partner as soon as possible. Exactly, this trend because of social pressure and the rule of Chines culture and social phenomenon.

There are some social phenomena and family issues are combined in my project 2. I will be based on the theme of creating a series of illustrations work.



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