10 Things about my project 2, as a Illustration Student


Illustration is visual language present information that is widely used in modern life. In the age of technology, people prefer to use the Internet to read newspapers, magazines, to research a wide variety of useful information and to express individual point views on the Internet. Internet is a good  channel for illustration students upload our works in order to more people know our work. At the same time, it’s easy for us  find some resource inspirit our ideas.

Certainly,  illustration works are not be limited display on the paper and the form of a two-dimensional. As you know, two-dimensional forms of art have already can’t satisfy the demand of people. Artists are trying new ways of creation, in order to make illustration work is more fun and interaction with reader and audience.

As a illustration student, the challenge is not only how to use our drawing skill to display the story with deep meaning as vividly as possible to our readers or audiences who are the children or adults. But also it’s important to focus on social issues and breaking the traditional idea with our illustration works.



The Experience of Learning Printmaking



 Drawings and Sculptures to Create Extraordinary Cities


“Hatch Tag” 2016

Luke O’Sullivan is a artist from Boston. His work about the intersection of built environments and subterranean systems.  Luke O’Sullivan’s works are challenges breaking the traditional idea.  He inspired by dystopian and science fiction films. His work which combined with 2D drawing and 3D sculpture together to create a layered industrial landscape.


The Art of Pop-Up



(Corkett, 2012)


“A book (usually for children) that contains one or more pages such that a three-dimensional structure rises up when a page is opened” (OpenCubicles, 2013)


Illustration work is often used in children’s publications. Pop-Up Book is a good activity for reading of children. It is a way to display story from 2D to 3D form and help children better focus on the story.



Packaging Design

Illustration work can find different channels to performance, such as packaging design is a good way to performance Illustration work.  As a Chinese International Student who prefer to use element which our country’s unique culture into our design.

Red packet is symbolized a kind of traditional cultures which is a special item. Chinese people put not only money, but also good wishes into it for the Chinese New Year.


Designer: Tay Chen Gim Project
Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Mandarin Gallery


Designer: Liang Wenhua
Project Type: Produced
Commercial Work Packaging Content: Chinese snacks
Location: China



Design by DONKEY




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