The Visual Sense of “ant tribe” from Peter Stewart

The camera is necessary in my life. Taking photo is a good way to help me record some memories and express my emotion in my pictures. Indeed, We also can find a lot of social problems from the way of documentary photography.

Peter Stewart is photographer and traveller from Australia, lives in Hong Kong. Peter mentioned before he had been shooting in Hong Kong since 2009, when he fell in love with the city at the first shooting in Hong Kong. from the visual of Peter that there is a densely packed urban environment. The such a large population in the small space of land, the high rise apartment is the only way to live.




The phenomenon of crowding in living environment is not only appear in Hong Kong city, but also it become to a issue in big city of China and other cities of Asia. Chinese sociologist Lian Si has coined the term “ant tribe” which describe the tens of thousands of people like ants live in China’s biggest cities.




Veles, I. (2014) ‘Bird in flight’, Inspiration, 16 December. Available at:
教育中国 (2012) 80后社会学家首创蚁族概念 在鲜花与骂声中前行. Available at:

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