Student Accommodation

Chinese students accommodation is completely different British. It is interesting that a small space is shared by 4 or more than students. It looks like there are 4 little boxes into the bigger one.   These 4 bunk beds look like 4 little boxes. Every student has a bunk bed which including a bed on top and… Continue reading Student Accommodation

Puppet living in the “Glass Box”

I have been thinking about how to display my conception of home use illustrations in the "Glass Box". There are 2 party of my plan to display my illustrations. Some stories about about living a small space and personal boundaries will be displayed in this "Glass Box" by 2 different colour tones. There are some character as puppet who is… Continue reading Puppet living in the “Glass Box”

Consider a problem

There was some confusion about the different group of audience and client before my last tutorial. Fortunately, my tutor help me solved this problem and I found a new way to consider the different group of audience and client again. Audience My conception focus on my generation plays a role of linking, connects past and present. It will be a reflection of education from our parent’s generation.… Continue reading Consider a problem

Mapping of Project 2

My project 2 focus on researching living a small space and personal boundaries. The conception of project was inspired by individual life experience of my generation. There are some issues about living a small space and personal boundaries base on different stags in the cycle of life of my generation. Childhood Student Worker Marriage New Parents Life of the Elderly   There are 6 stags which… Continue reading Mapping of Project 2